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SureSawit™ Services


  • Fast and simple sample collection
  • Cutting edge, automated genotyping assays
  • Easy-to-use customer interface for ordering and data retrieval

Orion Biosains brings extensive genomics services and support to the oil palm industry with our local expertise and global collaborations. Experience all of our cutting-edge service options or choose the ones that best fit your specific needs or applications.

The SureSawit Services are designed to provide the oil palm industry with cost effective tools to perform comprehensive screenings of seedlings, nursery palms or field planted palms. Comprehensive screening will reduce or eliminate non-tenera contamination rates, improve oil yields and decrease pressure on natural rain forests, all of which have a positive economic impact on the individual grower or planter and the oil palm industry as a whole.

Each of the SureSawit Service options can be performed by the customer in a few simple steps. First, using our customer friendly Service Portal, you can request a quote for the SHELL, VIR or KARMA tests. After placing your order you will receive a SureSawit Sample Collection Kit, containing everything you need to collect and return the leaf samples to Orion Biosains. Orion will contact you when your data is ready for retrieval. You can receive a printed report or download the information from our secure Service Portal. It is that simple!

DescriptionCatalog #Price per sample*
SureSawit SHELL Test SST -01 Inquire
SureSawit VIR Test
Coming Soon!
SSV-01 Inquire
SureSawit KARMA Test
Coming Soon!
SSM-01 Inquire

*Pricing is dependent on the number of samples per order.

Each service order includes: Sample collection kit, return shipping bag, desiccant, pre-paid return shipping labels and genotyping report.