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About Orion

Innovation, Inspiration and Integrity

Our mission: The goal of Orion Biosains is to impact the feeding, fueling and healing of the world with creative discovery strategies, realized value through innovation, and delivery of solutions for strategic partners primarily in agriculture.

Orion Biosains is a subsidiary of Orion Genomics with global headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Orion Biosains is innovating agriculture through bioscience by supporting the oil palm industry in South East Asia with plans to expand globally. We are commercializing the joint discoveries of the MPOB and Orion Genomics, offering technical expertise, flexible business solutions and strategic partnerships to oil palm seed producers and growers.

Orion Genomics

 Orion Genomics, the Second Code Company, develops epigenetic research tools and molecular diagnostic products to fulfill the promise of personalized medicine. Orion's lead product is a simple blood-based test that is being developed to identify people at elevated risk for colorectal cancer. The company has active biomarker discovery programs to support our strategic alliances, and our internal product development pipeline, and in addition, the company offers genomics services to the medical, agricultural and bio-fuels research communities.

Orion Genomics develops oncology diagnostic products for cancer screening and therapy selection. We leverage our suite of proprietary technologies, MethylScope® and MethylScreen™, to find and interpret normal and abnormal epigenetic patterns of DNA methylation, also known as DNA's epigenetic code. We are currently identifying epigenetic biomarkers and employing them in the development of novel molecular diagnostic tests to find breast, lung, ovarian, colorectal and other diseases. Additionally, we are discovering biomarkers that can aid in the selection of best therapies for patients.