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  • Reduce Contamination and Improve Sustainability

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Orion Products

  • SureSawit Services

High Throughput genomic services for the oil palm industry

  • Fast and simple sample collection
  • Cutting edge, automated genotyping assays
  • Easy to use customer interface for ordering and data retrieval
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In The News

  • BBC: Boosting palm oil production by mapping plant DNA +

    In this segment of BBC disrupting Agriculture learn how Orion Biosains’ oil palm screening service can boost the livelihoods of subsistence farmers in Malaysia and beyond. Read More
  • Loss of Karma transposon methylation underlies the mantled somaclonal variant of oil palm +

    The Malaysian Palm Oil Board and Orion Genomics publish in Nature the discovery of the epigenetic cause of fruit mantling, opening the way to the successful propagation of high-yielding elite oil palm lines. "Loss of Karma transposon methylation underlies the mantled somaclonal variant of oil palm,"(Ong-Abdullah et al. Nature http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature15365)
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  • The oil palm VIRESCENS gene controls fruit colour and encodes a R2R3-MYB +

    Oil palm, a plantation crop of major economic importance in Southeast Asia, is the predominant source of edible oil worldwide. We report the identification of the VIRESCENS (VIR) gene, which controls fruit exocarp colour and is an indicator of ripeness.
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Palm oil genome map will boost yields and protect the environment

Orion Biosains: Who we are and what we do

Orion Biosains is innovating agriculture through bioscience by supporting the oil palm industry in South East Asia with plans to expand globally. We are commercializing the joint discoveries of the MPOB and Orion Genomics, offering technical expertise, flexible business solutions and strategic partnerships to oil palm seed producers and growers. Learn more with these videos.

History and Establishment of Orion Biosains

Launch of SureSawit™ Services

Introduction To the SureSawit Sample Collection Kit - Malaysian version

Introduction To the SureSawit Sample Collection Kit - Indonesian version

Orion Biosains 2016 - Malaysian version

Orion Biosains 2016 - English version

Orion Biosains 2016 - Indonesian version


Imagine the Day

Orion Biosains announces the opening of its global headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with this exciting 2D video presentation.

Imagine the Day